Saturday, March 2, 2013


This is where the garden will be.

This was this morning, in the pouring rain :)

Lately, I've been frustrated. Mostly, just because there are things that NEED to get garden beds, for example. But it keeps getting put off. I've also been frustrated over finances. We need money to be able to actually START this garden. Like for seeds, and other essentials. We are fine just getting by, I'm okay with that, but we need extra money to be able to make any money off the garden.

Which leads to my current frustration of sewing...just finding time to sew. I have 30 or so projects going at the moment. My haberdashery stash is dwindling. I'm trying to catch up so I can SELL SOMETHING.

There are a few other things on my mind lately too. One being the loss of a good family friend, the others I wont talk about yet.

Mike is going back to the tattoo shop two days a week because there is no longer a piercer there, so he has an opportunity to actually make some money off of it this time. He only apprenticed for 2 effing years, he deserves to actually do something with it! Plus it will get him out of the house with some friends and away from me and the girls for a much needed break. Three months of being together ALL THE TIME we start to get at each others throats a bit. Especially if we have nothing to work on.

Mike has been working on a lot of art, etc. lately. Putting together some things to sell. So he has been able to keep himself busy.

Rabbits are in the works (the doe is expecting at the end of the month) so by may/june we should have a couple sweet little angora buns added to our family.

Hopefully chickens in April. :)

I'm starting to"homeschool pre-school" the girls starting this week. Lots of colouring worksheets and activities. Start getting them into a routine and off TV, which will be a really good thing, cause H. is a total tv junkie :( My own fault i know..luckily A. doesn't have the same addiction. I also need to work on my internet addiction a bit. I haven't had internet in a year and a half, and now i do. ALL THE TIME.. and its amazing.. and completely and utterly addicting. You'd think there'd be more up on this blog. But, alas...pinterest.

BTW Adria wants to be potty trained, so thats on the list of things to do this week too! I'm going to try the potty train in a day idea. We'll see how that goes.

We've been at the beach a lot lately. I mean why not, we can see it from our living room window!

I like sitting outside at night and listening to the waves crashing. It makes up for the silence I got so used to up north. It helps my mind wander to better places. I really wasn't happy up there.

I do miss my dear cousins though, and I'm actually excited about possibly planning a trip back there to see them one day. :)

I'm counting down to my course in may too! Hopefully money troubles start working them selves out so i dont have to wait until August to start! :S

Anyways, before i bore you all to death :)


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