Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Weekend - photos by Hallewyn

Ok not ALL the pictures are from Hallie, but most of them are! She had a blast taking photo's of everything she could. 

We had a great weekend in the city! Got to see our friends get married (beautiful wedding, by the way. We are so glad we got down to be there!) , tons of visiting time with family--beach trips, and play time with grampa, gramygram and aunties while mama and daddy went to the wedding. And great weather the whole weekend! I got to see one of my best friends for the first time since Hallie was only 6 months old, too. We stayed with him a couple nights. it was very nice.
On our way home we stopped in Sechelt for another lovely family gathering.

And after three separate people telling me I need to post more, I PROMISE more photos and post to come!

Oh yeah! And when we arrived home, there was a nice surprise for the girls waiting in the yard! Thank you to our landlords for getting that for us. We brought the girls outside and instantly 8 other neighbour kids were playing in the yard and pushing Hallie and Adria on the swings. <3

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