Friday, April 12, 2013

stupid blog..& a hunny bunny

I think my biggest problem with blogging is that I HATE the look of my blog.. pretty much at all times, and will never be content with it. Like I am with my hair: constantly fucking indecisive!

Anyways, for once in a long, long time, both my girls are napping at the same time. so I'm sitting and browsing on the internet (and trying to prettify my blog to my liking...) when I should be cleaning.. but I would rather not.

An awful lot has happened in the past few months, leaving quite a bit of unresolved issues pending, as well as clearing a few things up for us. As for details, I'd rather not jinx anything, so I'm going to keep my trap shut. But to say the least things are looking brighter.

Our stinky yard was fixed yesterday, the neighbours upstairs are still moving their stuff in (and still actively avoiding confrontation with us...) I still have not gotten any seeds, and our garden plans are once again 1000000 feet in the air.

Mike finished building the hutch for our sweet (currently) little Hunny Bunny. She is a Flemish Giant/New Zealand breed Rabbit, and will grow quite large :). She is super chill and loves the girls. She doesn't mind getting chased around by the girls either, she just runs and bounces around.
In other news, I'm going to be making bags again! I love making them , I'm just having a hard time collecting materials needed. So once I have what I need, sewing rampage it will be! :) I'll do a promo post when I have a few more made, with the styles and prices.
I'm also going to start doing a weekly post of pinterest pins that I've actually tried with the results! Stay tuned...

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