Monday, May 27, 2013

work in progress

This is the tower. it's a work in progress, but Hallie can finally be on the top bunk! :) Mike made stairs out of a cabinet and a bookshelf on its side. The plan is for a tree on the end (so Adria can't climb up the wrong side of the bed), and tower walls at the top to make it a bit safer for play time. At the first landing above the cabinet there will be a nice rug, and some pillows for a quiet time reading spot. The walls will be painted green, brown and sky blue with some sort of forest mural Mike has a plan for in his head, and our talented painter friend offered to help :)

Hallie has been calling me 'mama queen' and we've been playing knights. The other night she said, "Mama queen, I'm a Queen Knight, and my baby teddy is missing! We HAVE TO GO FIND HER!" So we went on a "quest" through the labyrinth (Our garden) to find the teddy, which she had left in her car seat. I made her a sword out of a wire hanger and she proceeded to fight off the giants that were hiding in the prickle bushes.

She has quite the imagination!

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