Saturday, August 17, 2013


A little friend joined us for our late night movie the other night

Gluten free, dairy free pizza. The best pizza I've made. EVER. So amazing :)

What do you do with two bags of marshmallows and a fire ban? Make popcorn/corn pop crispy squares! (Note: We also didn't have rice

My fairy queen hugging her little sister. Looks far more violent than intended.

Picking apples. We picked (Well, M shook) 80lbs total apples from our one little tree. Our apples were getting eaten by *something*, that we are led to believe to be Codling Moth. So we picked every apple on the tree to try and eradicate the pest. Little holes in the apples, and when cut open the seeds were powder. I cut open every one of those apples, and did not find one worm. Interesting. We'll see what happens next year
 So at the moment we have 32lbs of cut and cored apples, frozen. and another 30lbs of apples to cut and bag. BUT I have run out of room in the freezer. The plan is to turn it into cider, applesauce and vinegar, however we weren't exactly prepared, so now I am on the hunt for a carboy or two, stocking up on mason jars, and digging out the old juicer.
Oh Yeah! And on top of that, we have so far harvested about 20lbs of blackberries, just from our property. If this rain subsides quickly (its been raining for DAYS) we should get plenty more where that came from, as this was only the FIRST harvest. So many green ones left and still a month left of summer. I'm stoked. We are planning on making blackberry soda with a natural ginger soda starter.

And speaking of apples, a while ago I was eating an apple (gala I believe) and bit into the core. There was a seed that had a 1" sprout coming out of it! H. asked if we could help it grow, so we planted it and this is it about 6 weeks later!

Stickers keep miss H. occupied lately. We have given her permission to express herself artistically in her bedroom, as long as she keeps it there (her walls, bedframe and floor are free game.. Toys and shelving cannot be drawn on, painted, or stickered). Her bedframe is currently covered with little stickers and green crayon. She loves the ability to let loose and express herself with art when she is in a bad mood.  

Purple beans! Yum!

More beans and the first harvest of cucumber. And ONE zucchini. Now to get jars and PICKLE! :)

Yesterday, it RAINED ALL EFFING DAY. It was the Blackberry Fest street party last night, and we opted out because the fire works were postponed. But in the morning, the girls wanted to go explore the back yard in the rain. When we got out there H. asked if we could hunt for snails. First place we checked we found one. Hunted for an hour longer for more with no luck, but the girls were stoked. We made a little terrarium for it to live in while we observed, drew pictures and made clay snails. I would have pics of that but this was the last picture before my camera died!
Anyways, sorry I've been so quite. No excuse...